New academic year, New dynamic beginning, with one heart

YLLSS students are pursuing excellence with love, and happy learning in the process of learning.

The first Refreshing Day of the new academic year takes the class as a unit, allowing teachers and students in each class to get to know each other, relax, demonstrate a team spirit through games, and devote themselves to the colourful school life. Let everyone welcome the full-day face-to-face class in the following week with a relaxed mood.

In the class-based Refreshing Day, a wide variety of activities were held such as dodgeballs, board games, poetry sharing, movie appreciation and so on. S1 tutoring activities were specially organized in order to allow S1 students to adapt to school life more easily. S1 students played group games including song estimation, guessing and drawing, and taking pictures of the campus guided by the Guidance Prefects. All students devoted in the activities. Finally, students were divided into groups to find out the answers of the secret tasks at different locations on the campus. Not only they can enhance their understanding of the campus, but also they can establish a solid relationship within the class, learn about mutual assistance, and welcome the new school life with joy!

The gathering of teachers and students during the Refreshing Day will become a wonderful memory of the school life for YLLSS students! Looking forward to the coming Refreshing Day in October.