Nordic Wonders: Polar Exploration 2024

The 12-day journey of the ‘Nordic Wonders: Polar Exploration 2024’ came to a close in late March of this year. The entire group is grateful to the school for giving us the opportunity to broaden our international horizons. Both teachers and students cherished and made the most of the learning scenes in Finland and Iceland, where they gained knowledge and expanded their perspectives in subjects of Geography and Sciences and career planning. They left their mark as Lutheranians against the magnificent landscapes and also captured videos to share their experiences with their peers in Hong Kong.

Amidst the icy and snowy weathers, the participants experienced a heartwarming moment with ice cream. Principal Mr. WAN surprised the whole group by treating comforting ice cream. It was a pleasant surprise for the students to see the presence of the principal even in Reykjavik. Everyone felt grateful for each other and for this precious opportunity of communication and learning during the trip.

Upon returning to Hong Kong, the most touching moment was receiving support from parents. As our group of forty-four people stepped out of the arrival hall, we were greeted by waving and enthusiastic parents welcoming us back. Their support encourages students to reach higher and farther, making every Lutheranian feel loved and blessed.