Opening Ceremony of [Yuen.Creation] Diamond Jubilee Visual Arts Exhibition

To celebrate our Diamond Jubilee Anniversary, the Visual Arts Department together with the Arts Development Committee organized [YuenCreation] Diamond Jubilee Visual Arts Exhibition. The opening ceremony was held on the 24 November 2018 in the Yuen Long Theatre. The guests – Principal Mr. Wan, Evangelist Ms. Lam, School managers and supervisors, Alumni artists Mr. Tang Kwok Hin, Mr. Kong King Sin and Mr. Chan Vai Meng had joined our ribbon cutting ceremony. Principal Mr. Wan, Alumnus Mr. Tang Kwok Hin and Ms. Cheng Ning, the curator of this exhibition delivered a meaningful speech to our student artists. Guests and visitors enjoyed the exhibition experience so much and our highlight of the show – AR (Augmented Reality) Artworks, collaborated with Alumnus Mr. Kong King Sin and our current students’ artworks. With Alumni artists and current students’ artworks, [YuenCreation] Diamond Jubilee Visual Arts Exhibition was successfully held.