Outstanding Lutheranian Adjudication 2022/23 “Community Art Master Talk” Seminar Event

About 100 students nominated for this year’s “Outstanding Lutheranian Adjudication” were honoured to listen to the “Community Art Master Talk”. The talk, held by Mr. Steven MA, founder of Community Art, and attended by Ms. Alice MAK, Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs, aims to guide young people and inspire them.

Ms. MAK shared that she had met various mentors on her way to growing up, whether it was the principal of her high school or the seniors she had met through her participation in the Youth Ambassadors; all of them illustrated that young people need the support of the community to become successful. From her own experience, Ms. MAK said she understands that young people are in the stage of figuring out their future direction. However, the most important thing is to try and be equipped beforehand. This is why Ms. MAK eventually serves in different positions under different opportunities. Mr. MA concluded that he would like to encourage Lutheranians to try more and do the right thing, which is to give 110% of effort when doing everything.

In the Q&A session, the Lutheranians asked Ms. MAK about her heavy workload and ways to deal with pressure, especially in fighting fatigue. Ms. MAK and Mr. MA laughed and shared some methods to refresh themselves, including stretching and acupressure, which have accompanied her through different meetings to do their part. They also kindly answered how to deal with the problem of passivity among young people in Hong Kong, and Ms. MAK pointed out that instead of understanding it as a problem, it should be recognized as a common phenomenon among young people around the world, and that the government is actively trying different ways to reach out to young people, to gather the positive power of youth, and to let young people know about the community and thus serve the community.

Through the dialogue between Mr. MA and Ms. MAK, the Lutheranians understood more about their aspirations to turn a career into an ambition, a necessary quality for Lutheranians to become leaders.