Pat Heung Central Primary School Engages in Chinese Culture Week

As the Chinese Culture Week was in full swing, the EM Buddies from our school took this excellent opportunity to convey the beauty of classical Chinese studies to the students of Pat Heung Central Primary School, igniting a deeper love for Chinese culture among ethnic minority students.

Under the guidance of Principal Lai Yuen-shan of Pat Heung Central Primary School, our students carefully introduced different booths, including workshops such as making candied hawthorns, paper-making, flour figurines, Chinese opera face painting, and even the ancient game of Cuju. The students of Pat Heung Central Primary School not only grasped the cultural fun embedded in these activities but also gained a greater understanding of the sophistication of Chinese culture, leaving them in awe. Afterward, they toured the school itself, showing great interest in high school life, particularly drawn to the Zhi Qing Xuan and tea ceremony items in the library, which deepened their longing and appreciation for the nuances of culture infused in campus life.

As of now, our students have fully embodied the Chinese cultural ethos of “loving others” through their actions of promoting traditional culture. By applying what they have learned to serve the community, they have also exemplified our school’s spirit of happydemic!