Prefect Leadership Training Camp – Team Building, Detective Games, Happydemic and Growth

To enhance leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and communication techniques of our prefects, the Discipline Committee of our school organized a two-day one-night leadership training camp.

The theme of this camp was “Finding the Successor Detective”, with each head prefect responsible for planning, pre-preparation, and leading the activities. The event content was exciting, including various physical and mental challenge tasks, team collaboration games, and case investigations. Each team put in their utmost effort to achieve team victory, showcasing their exceptional skills and unleashing their full potential – it was truly a close competition! Moreover, the head prefects also demonstrated their versatility and leadership abilities by adapting to the changing weather conditions and ensuring the smooth completion of the event.

It was heartening to see the prefects’ active participation and emphasis on teamwork spirit. We believe this event has allowed them to reflect on their positions and responsibilities, gaining valuable insights and benefits. We are confident that all our prefects will become capable and influential leaders in the future.