Reunite and Reconcile on the Refreshing Day

The resumption of full-day face-to-face classes is the fruit of the collaboration between families and schools. After classes fully resumed, reuniting Lutheranians is at the top of the list, so that they can recover from the 3-month long online lessons, join each other hand in hand and grow together. With this aim in mind, the school arranged the first Refreshing Day of the second term this afternoon.

A variety of activities were organised on and off campus. In school, students enjoyed games like Musical Chair, Pictionary and Dodgebee; while some classes opted for activities more static: chess, watching movies like Turning Red, Soul and Zero to Hero. Through the movie-screening, students have learnt to be thankful for their parents, appreciate the little blessings in life and stay strong in the face of adversity.

While outside school, Principal Mr. Wan, Vice-principal Ms. Tang and teachers took great pleasure in watching Sing 2 with Classes 2C and 5C in the cinema. It is a movie about pursing one’s dreams, where the characters go contrary to others’ expectations and become better selves. There is a saying in the movie that goes, “It’s not enough to have dreams and ambition. It takes guts, stamina and faith to make them real.” It is true that once we start chasing our dream, we should persevere and have faith. Hopefully, our students can endeavour to surpass themselves and achieve their dreams.

On the Refreshing Day, teachers and pupils came together to learn and to create happy memories that will last a lifetime.

School resumption means to reunite, reconcile and recover. Personal growth comes before academic achievements. Lutheranians, go for it!