Rikkyo University Lecture Experience and Introduction to Nomination Schemes

Representative from Rikkyo University Mr. Shohei SAKAI visited our school again, along with Professor Wen LIU, to engage in cultural exchanges with teachers and students. Professor LIU intrigued students with prompt questions on the difference between the Japanese words “seito” and “gakusei” to stimulate students’ thinking and imagination about university life. She also discussed globalization issues with the students.

Subsequently, Mr. SAKAI shared information about two principal nominations schemes, “PEACE” and “NEXUS”, with which students, once recommended by the principal, can enroll based on their predicted grades, and pass an interview to obtain admission before the DSE Results Release, boosting their confidence and adding an edge for their planning of future.

The students who participated in the session returned home enriched, with expanded horizons, established goals, and better planned futures!