HKSTEMNEWS – Robots become learning partners to enhance students’ programming skills

The development of STEM education has been given priority in our school in recent years. This year, the I.T. Education x STEM Development Team has further provided learning opportunities for students – “Marty Robot Adoption Program” is one of them. It has been proven to be very popular among students.

Lately, the Assistant Principal, Mr. CHAN Yui-ming, STEM teachers and students who have participated in the robot adoption program were interviewed by the online media <>. The students shared their interesting stories and learning experiences of getting along with the robots that they endowed with their own characters.

In addition to the adoption program, the STEM director, Mr. LAI Kwok-cheong, also shared our school’s STEM development in other areas, including other programming language learning, AI subject selection, AI oral language training, AI paper marking, TEMI robot control and aviation piloting so as to let students explore their interests in STEM.