S.6 Parents’ Day

A wise “C”hoice consists of “I”, “C” and “A”.
“I” stands for Interest. By interest, it does not only mean the personal interests or hobbies, but also the benefits. Apart from the individual happiness, more importantly, a wise choice lies in the consideration of public interest, bringing well-being to the community. The determination to serve the public interest in the earlier stage in the university would be a milestone for one to self-actualize in their workplace, or even in adulthood.
“C” stands for career. Students need to be prerequisite with the skills required for their dream career. Such skills should not be simply acquired through the information online, but received through meeting the students who are now taking the relevant programmes, or even the practitioners in the sectors. Personality should also be taken into consideration when choosing the career path.
“A” stands for ability. We should treasure the long-waited full-day resumption of classes and fully utilize the learning opportunities granted. One’s ability should be cultivated with certain revision strategies and effort, in a bid to achieve their university dreams.
“ICAC” sets a milestone in our life!