Science Museum Exhibition “The Big Eight – Dinosaur Revelation”

To arouse students’ interest in science and enrich their scientific knowledge, Science Department organized a visit to the Science Museum exhibition, namely “The Big Eight – Dinosaur Revelation”, for S1 to S3 students on 1st August.

The Hong Kong Science Museum presents a unique landmark dinosaur exhibition, showcasing eight of the most iconic creatures from the ‘Golden Age of Dinosaurs’ together for the first time. The collection boasts an unrivalled amount of original fossil materials, displaying some of the most complete fossil skeletons in the world. It also includes world-class artwork, cutting-edge 3D renderings, and the first scientifically accurate reconstructions of the world’s biggest predatory dinosaur and the world’s largest flying creature. The team behind the exhibits took a unique approach to this project, blending the world of scientific research, storytelling and unique scenography to create an exhibition that will reveal entirely novel scientific insights and provide immersive experiences along with some dynamic skeletal mounts.

Students were excited to explore the exhibition. They were impressed and overwhelmed by the surreal but magnificent fossils. Apart from the textbook, students could enjoy learning through different experiences. The display can also inspire visitors to contemplate the grand story of evolution and the challenges threatening our future on our planet, like global warming, extreme weather events and biodiversity loss.