Second English Speaking Week

Here comes the long-awaited second English Speaking Week! Let ‘s fill the campus with English exchanges and get ready to be thrilled by the dazzling range of English activities from 11th to 15th March!

We kicked off the week with an electrifying blast of confetti at our morning assembly! The air was vibrant with anticipation as we set the stage for an incredible linguistic adventure.

During the two recesses, our students were fueled by their eagerness to use English passports to collect signatures from teachers and ambassadors. They made good use of the ’convo starters ‘of teachers’ choice to strike up each and every lively and fruitful chat with confidence. At lunchtime, schoolmates gathered in the Communal Space for an Attire Adventure and exposed themselves to world cultures!

That’s not all – more themed activities are on their way! Stay tuned for all the excitement and exhilaration ahead!