Sending Warmth to Kong Ha Wai – STEM Up@Easter

The participants of a social service session shared their reflections on serving the community at the transitional housing area Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village. The students, who benefited greatly from STEM education, set up five STEM-themed stations with activities such as 3D printing pens, 4D frames, Kong Ha Wai Metaverse, paper airplanes, and DIY toy cars. They also had booths for “clown learning” and “twist balloons.”

During the service, the students showed empathy and care towards the residents of the village, and provided them with happiness and joy. They learned the importance of empathy, communication, and companionship during the service. The students were grateful for the opportunity to participate in the social service and to spread positive energy to the community.

The experience helped them to understand the importance of empathy and to consider the perspective of others when planning activities. They also learned the value of patience, perseverance, and encouragement when teaching new skills to others. The participants emphasized the importance of connecting with the community and value education as a lifelong process.

Overall, the students showed their love and care for the community by using their knowledge and skills in STEM education to serve the people.