Shining Dragon

The 8-day sale of our Lunar New Year Market, “Shining Dragon”, which took place at the Tung Tau Industrial Area Playground in Yuen Long was successfully held! Although the Flower Market lasted for only a short period of time, teachers and students who were responsible for the stall had already started planning and preparations more than half a year ago. Among them, students studying B.A.F.S and Economics in our school participated in the entire event. They have definitely learned a lot of marketing and communication skills that enriched their subject knowledge!

Having experienced cold and sometimes even rainy days, the weather conditions were not the best, but it still did not stop students and parent ambassadors from showcasing the Shining Dragons (our lovely cushions) to everyone! There was an endless flow of people at the Lunar New Year’s Eve flower market. We would like to thank the school supervisor, school directors, alumni, parents, the Principal, Vice-principals, Assistant Principals, teachers, supporting staff and students for their support, affirmation and love for us, the Lutheranians! On the first day of the Chinese New Year, we wish everyone a happy and healthy Year of the Dragon!