Shining Dragon

Today, in a clearing of Tung Tau Industrial Playground in Yuen Long, teachers and students gathered in anticipation of the grand eight-day New Year’s Flower Market, set to commence tomorrow! Principal Mr. WAN, Vice Principals Ms. TANG and Mr. THUNG, Assistant Principal Mr. CHAN, and dedicated teachers were all in attendance to lend their support to the preparations process.

The majestic “Shining Dragon” was gracefully hoisted, while the wind spinner spun elegantly, casting a mesmerizing array of colors, akin to the vibrant spirit of our students. Some students assembled the stalls collaboratively and diligently, while others gathered on the floor with teachers to assemble the wind spinners. With unity and determination, the booth was successfully set up.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. WONG Kai-sum, Chairman of the Alumni Association, for his generous offer of providing us with his office as a storage space for our inventory.