STEAM Leaders awarded in Creative Coder Competition 2022/23

On July 8th, 2023, a team composed of STEAM Leaders participated in the “Creative Coder Competition 2022/23” co-organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. The theme of the competition was “Disaster Prevention Warriors: Building Sustainable Cities”. The team members were 3C CHAN Yi-tsung, 1C LEUNG Chung-hei Arthur, 1C WONG Lok-gi, 1C HUNG Pak-yiu, and 1D YIP Pui-ching. They stood out among many teams and won the bronze award in the group of junior secondary school.

The students used Micro:Bit to create a device that helps cities face simulated natural disasters. With their understanding of natural disasters and their skills in using microprocessors, they demonstrated innovative ways to address the concept or function of sustainable development cities in facing climate change. During the process, the students used their imagination and creativity to not only trigger alarms during floods but also use machinery to raise buildings, reducing the level of damage caused by disasters. In addition, the team members performed exceptionally well during the presentation, leaving a deep impression on the judges.

In addition to allowing students to be creative and apply the programming skills they have learned, this event also taught students that STEAM is not only a matter in the classroom, but also can be used to improve the environment and solve problems in daily life and surrounding things.