Study Tour of Art Development and Cultural Preservation

On 29th February, Principal Mr. WAN, Vice Principal Ms. TANG, Mr. LUI Kwan-ho, Mr. HO Chun-yin, Ms. KU Yu-yiu, Mr. TSE Wing-sun, and Mr. KWOK Ka-yin, along with the students from class 5A, embarked on a study tour to Macao, focusing on the development of art and the preservation of culture in the Greater Bay Area. The group visited the mesmerizing world of TeamLab Supernatural in Macao, immersing themselves in the beauty and fantasy of digital art. From a fresh perspective, they experienced creativity and explored the fascinating combination of technology and art. The students were amazed by the ever-changing interplay of light and technology in this immersive experience.

Afterwards, Teacher TSE, who kindly referred to himself as the “school tour guide,” led the students and teachers to visit two world cultural heritage sites: Senado Square and the Ruins of Saint Paul’s. Teacher TSE vividly explained the historical development and significance of these sites, allowing the students to appreciate not only the grandeur of the architecture but also the rich history and cultural heritage. This educational trip to Macao not only broadened the students’ horizons but also provided a valuable opportunity for interaction and bonding between teachers and students. We eagerly await the next joyful learning journey!