“Support for EM” Buddy Program

On 29th November 2021, the members of “Support for EM” Buddy Program kick-started the program at Pak Heung Central Primary School. Some members saw their ethnic minority buddy, whom they had known a year ago, again while some new members were excited about meeting their buddy for the first time. The buddies interacted and talked about different topics, ranging from local secondary school life to cultures. It is hoped that when Lutheranians see the needs from the recipients’ perspective and cater to them, their empathy can be nurtured.

To start with, Lutheranians recalled the group’s memory of last year’s activities. The 30 of them then enjoyed an ice-breaking game and some language learning time. Not only did the EM students learn Cantonese, Lutheranians also tried to speak their buddy’s language, such as Tagalog and Nepali.

The last item of the day was to leave their goals on a wishing board. Some pairs made matching boards while some shared the same goal. It did not take much to see that they truly enjoyed their buddy’s company. They had a great time chatting, drawing and laughing with each other. Realise that was almost the end of the activity of the day, they could not help feeling a bit sad. On a more positive note, they will see each other for some cultural exchange very soon!

Like last year, the students of both schools relish the bond between them and feel excited about the upcoming cross-school events this school year.