“Support for EM” Buddy Program

Last Saturday, the members of “Support for EM” Buddy Program kick-started the program at Pak Heung Central Primary School. In this program, each Lutheranian pairs up with a ethnic minority primary school student. It is hoped that through the program, the primary school students get to learn about local secondary schools while Lutheranians are reminded to be grateful for the opportunity of meeting and having cultural exchange with their buddies.

On the day, there were ice-breaking games and a planting session. Each pair of buddies grew a plant that represents their friendship. Before the end of the session, our students also had a tour in Pak Heung Central Primary School and learnt about the different school life their buddies are experiencing. How eye-opening!

Like last year, the students of both schools relish the bond between them and feel excited about the upcoming cross-school events this school year.