Support for “KHW” Residents – Pok Oi KHW Village Programme

“Support for “KHW” Residents – Pok Oi KHW Village Programme” has been kicked off successfully by the participation of “Pok Oi X CLP Christmas Green Party” cum visiting elderly singletons and families of elderly doubletons in Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village.

The event was co-organized by Pok Oi and CLP. Students had participated a design thinking workshop specially designated for them to identify the substantial needs of the elderly they visit and design activities aligning with the needs by exercising Empathy, an intrinsic value of human being.

On the event day, around 70 students firstly attended an “Energy Saving & Electricity Safety Seminar” shared by the CLP volunteers with the elderly, hundreds of people filled the room with vigor and laughter instantly. After the talk, students were paired up with the elderly played switch sports (motion sensing games), made eco- Christmas ornaments and chit chat together. One of the elderly even invited the students to play badminton outside the center after playing badminton motion sensing game. It is so amazing that intergenerational harmony was truly achieved and experienced among the youth and the elderly.

Mdm. LAM Kwan & Dr. MA Hok-cheung, Chairperson and CEO of Pok Oi Hospital, Mr. LO Kwok-yau & Ms. LUNG Shirley , Deputy Directors, Corporate and Community Relations of Corporate Development Group CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd and the elderly were impressed and recognized the excellent services with loving hearts of our students, the Lutheranians. Not only exercising the virtue of Lutherans, our students have also shown the kindness and positive impacts they can make to the society. Every small acts of kindness build an irresistible force for good, wishing our promising students will carry on and make good force for the community constantly.