“Suzume” Movie Appreciation

On the first day of the screening, Principal Mr. WAN, Vice-Principals, Assistant Principals, teachers and Excellent and Outstanding Lutheranian candidates went to the cinema to watch the movie Suzume.

The film is based on the catastrophic earthquake in Japan in 2011. Suzume ventured through Kyushu Miyazaki Prefecture, Shikoku Ehime Prefecture, Hyogo Kobe, Tokyo and Miyagi Prefecture, where she grew up and learnt to cherish and protect the people around her.

“Worry not, for the future shall not frighten you”
Suzume’s sacrifice touches and comforts our hearts. The film teaches us to be brave in the face of adversity.

Are we the Suzuka, Mrs. Kusaka, Auntie Wan, the reckless white cat and the mysterious black cat, or are we the ones enjoyed the sacrifice of secret guardians? What would be our choice?

We believe that after watching this film, we can all reflect ourselves, and cherish every moment in our daily lives. This will be of great benefit to the personal growth and whole person development of Lutheranians. So, Lutheranians, let’s shine while enlightening others, explore our future together!