The 56th Speech Day and Awards Ceremony

The 56th Speech Day and Awards Ceremony was successfully held on 23 May 2024. The Ceremony was filled with a warm and joyous atmosphere, celebrating the achievements of the graduating classes and the beginning of a new chapter.

It is our honour to invite Dr. TSUI Luen-on Gordon BBS JP, Chairman of Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence Steering Committee and YLLSS Outstanding Alumnus, as the guest of honour. He encouraged the graduates to pursue their dreams while navigating through the challenges and opportunities brought by the advent of AI technologies, and contribute to society, the country and mankind with kindness and proper attitudes. Our Principal, Mr. WAN Ho-yin, expressed his heartfelt wishes to the graduates in his speech. He reminded graduates to uphold the six Lutheranian virtues and 12 core values as the moral compass in life. To end the speech, he assured that YLLSS would remain the second home to all graduates and emphasized the importance of loving themselves and others.

To express gratitude towards their alma mater, the S.6 graduates presented a gift, paper-crafted light box, to the school. It symbolises the devotion and timeless efforts put by the school and teachers. They also took the Tassels Ceremony and tossing of academic caps, signifying the joy and determination in embarking on a new journey.

The Speech Day marked the completion of the 6-year learning journey in YLLSS. Graduation not only represents the end of one stage of life but also the beginning of another stage. We wish all graduates a bright future!