The Chinese White Dolphin Guided Tour(S2C&S2D)

Our Lutheranians participated in the Chinese White Dolphin guided tour organized by the Hong Kong Ocean Park Conservation Foundation. Teachers and students boarded a boat at Tung Chung Pier and were pleasantly surprised to find that the Conservation Foundation had invited Mr. WONG Kam-sing GBS, JP, former Director of the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, and Dr. WU from the Fisheries and Conservation Department to join us on the tour. They vividly shared with us the Chinese White Dolphin population and their habitat in the western waters of Hong Kong, as well as taught us effective methods for dolphin conservation.

During the tour, we had the opportunity to observe the dolphins with our bare eyes and learn about their characteristics and behavior. It was extremely fascinating to witness these dolphins in their natural environment. We also explored their habitat and gained a deeper understanding of the threats they face, such as the risk of stranding. Through this experience, students realized the importance of marine conservation and actively responded to Dr. WONG, pledging to reduce plastic waste and contribute to the sustainable development of nature by taking responsibility as responsible citizens.