The S6 Pioneering Ceremony

The S6 Pioneering Ceremony was successfully held on 23 November 2023. The Ceremony signified the conclusion of secondary studies and the determination of S6 students in face of upcoming challenges.

In the Ceremony, our Principal, Mr. WAN, summarised the learning journey with ‘Success’, ‘Strategies’ and ‘Support’. He encouraged all S6 students to uphold strong belief in success and their dreams, adjust their strategies and always trust in the support from the school, teachers, parents and peers.

Class representatives 6A KIANG Sin-hang, 6B CHEUNG Ka-ki, 6C LI Cheuk-yan, 6D CHAN Pui-wing and 6E POON Yuk-yi expressed their heartfelt gratitude and their firm determination on behalf of their classes through their speeches. To close the Ceremony, all S6 students took the oath and promised to endeavour for excellence.