Walk with Scholars – Geography Department

Professor NG Mee-kam is the Director of the Urban Studies Programme and the Vice-Chairman of the Department of Geography and Resource Management.

Last year, Professor NG shared the topic of “Urban Planning in Well-being” with our geography students. This year, she has conceived a unique learning journey for us to explore the secrets of urban-rural integration and understand how the “Agricultural Priority Areas” can align with the development of the Northern Metropolis.

We started our journey from the town center of Sheung Shui, visiting the community garden in Cheung Lung Wai Estate along the way, and finally arriving at a farm in Ping Kong Tsuen. We engaged in farming activities together, such as cultivation, weeding, and fertilization. We were fortunate to participate in the joyous moment of harvest.

Professor NG deepened our understanding of the importance of agriculture in Hong Kong and highlighted the significant role it plays in urban planning, as well as the balance between development and conservation. She guided our students to reflect on the possibilities and importance of urban-rural integration through these activities. Despite the highly urbanized environment, agriculture plays a key role in development.

Moreover, we witnessed the hard work of young farmers and their passion for the land. Their efforts drive the development of agriculture in Hong Kong and provide us with valuable learning opportunities.

This activity made us deeply appreciate the importance of urban-rural integration. The connection between the city and the countryside is not only reflected in the food supply chain but also in the ecological environment and cultural heritage. Only by respecting and protecting the values and resources of rural areas can we achieve sustainable urban development. Let us strive together to promote urban-rural symbiosis and build a better future!