HK01 and The Bauhinia Magazine – YLLSS and Sister School Embrace the Spirit of Fan Zhongyan Together

Both HK01 and The Bauhinia Magazine reported on our school’s Chinese Culture Week, which invited Donghu Middle School from Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province as our sister school. The distinguished guest of honor was Ms. FAN Mei-yan, President of the Hong Kong Fan Zhongyan Foundation. Ms. FAN highly praised our school’s passion for Chinese culture and announced the establishment of the Fan Zhongyan Scholarship at YLLSS, at the same time offering to connect us with a secondary school in Jiangsu Province as another sister school. The teachers and students from Donghu Middle School also commended our school’s efforts in cultural heritage and shared their expertise in carving watermelon lanterns, a part of the intangible cultural heritage in Pinghu City, with our students. With this experience, our school will continue to promote Chinese culture while pursuing international education.