Interclass Hymn Singing Contest 2021

Being dynamic, the teachers and students not only tried their utmost to highlight the melody and positive messages of the hymns to praise God but also interacted with each other well in the Interclass Hymn Singing Contest 2021.

The school is a place for teachers and students to shine and unearth their potential. Lutheranians are talented in both singing and dancing, showing their creativity and team spirit to the crowd at the same time. Their musical talents given by God and the strong teacher-student relationships were demonstrated. We were so fortunate to invite two teams of teachers to perform on the stage. The first one was presented by teachers HK Yeung, YW Lui, CS Chiu, CH Cheung and CL Lau. It was mesmerising. As the “YLLSS Mirror”, Principal Mr Wan together with 11 male teachers namely Vice Principals Mr Tam, Mr Thung, Assistant Principal Mr Chan, Teachers KL Lam, LP Chan, KH Lui, CY Ho, CK Lo, WK Tsang, KH Tsang and KS Li performed the finale “Red Sun” to encourage the Lutheranians to persevere. The atmosphere was so heady that the audience couldn’t help but sing along to it. It was such a memorable performance!