YLLSS Information Day 2023/24 Campus Tour

YLLSS had chosen the theme of ‘Happydemic and Development’ for this academic year. In the morning campus tour segment, parents and students from various areas had the opportunity to participate in carefully arranged activities by our subject and interest groups. However, more importantly, it was a chance to have a short gathering with YLLSS students and teachers, experiencing the atmosphere of happydemic learning through campus introductions and conversations.

This year’s campus tour focused on the STEAM campus. Throughout the different floors, our students had hand-drawn 1:1 illustrations that incorporated AR technology. These illustrations presented secret codes, visual art pieces, STEM expo exhibits, and robot games brought to you by the STEAM development group. It was a treasure hunt adventure! Additionally, various subject groups introduced how to integrate STEAM into their teaching. Of course, when entering the library, there were audio books playing to create a soothing ambiance. The internationalization of our school was also clearly emphasized. On the 4th floor, the theme of the auditorium was “World Tour”. The English department took you into the cultural spectacle of “Costume Adventure”, where you could appreciate costumes, jewelry, hairstyles, and more from around the world. While learning English, you could also witness the charm of different cultures. The International Cultural Exchange Committee (ICEC) led students participating in Japanese, Korean, and German languages. The SALep courses, designed for first and second-year students, included Spanish and French! The Japanese and Korean Cultural Associations allowed everyone to try on traditional local costumes, play traditional games, and savor the traditional sentiments of the region. We aimed to provide you with the experience of different cultures from around the world within this small space and inspire your foreign language potential.

Throughout the morning, the performances of Handbell, Sinfonietta, Vocal Band, and Show Choir at the Music Interflow in the auditorium and the 1st-floor Music Balcony captivated everyone with their wonderful melodies. The uniform parade activity, taking place from the basement to the 5th floor, saw nearly half of our students transform into ambassadors of the campus tour, showcasing the loving and outstanding qualities of YLLSS students. Other activity booths included the Chinese department’s ‘Language Feast Tour’, the Chinese history department’s ‘In Search of Qin’, the History department’s ‘Let’s Experience Medieval Life!’, Visual Arts’ ‘The World of Tie-dyeing’, Geography’s ‘Small Small World’, B.A.F.S.’ ‘Numismatist’, Mathematics’ ‘Maths Challenge’, Physics’ ‘Thunder in Lab’, Biology’s ‘Edible Paper’, and Chemistry’s ‘InkAlchemy’. Clubs and interest groups included the Animal Caring Club’s ‘Adventure in Animal Kingdom’ and the Chinese Medicine interest group’s ‘AR Autumn-Winter Herbal Series’!