YLLSS X LA Local Sister School Exchange Program (15/4 – 19/4)

This year, we arranged for two Form 2 students from our school and two Year 8 students from ELCHK Lutheran Academy to participate in this exchange program. Through the exchange, students had the opportunity to experience the full-day classes and activities at each other’s schools, broadening their horizons, developing skills, and fostering friendships.
Students from ELCHK Lutheran Academy accompanied their partners for two consecutive days at YLLSS, where they joined our lessons in Chinese, English, Mathematics, History and Physics. They were also given the opportunity to participate in some interesting experiments. The visiting students shared their scientific insights in class, enhancing academic exchanges with YLLSS students.

In addition to learning various subjects in class, YLLSS students joined their partners on the second day for the school’s club-based Refreshing Day. Apart from making pasta towers together in the Science Society, which showcased their creativity and teamwork, they also participated in activities organized by the Fantastic Clown Club to learn some basic circus skills and enjoy an entertaining performance. Lastly, they experienced Chinese food culture through making traditional Chinese sugar-coated haws with the Girl Guides.
The second part of the program involved YLLSS students visiting Lutheran Academy for two days to experience their curriculum and participating in LA’s Co-curricular Day, where they engaged in art classes. During lunch together on the final day, students and teachers from both schools shared what they had learned. We believe this exchange program was an unforgettable experience for the participating students. We look forward to more exchange activities in the future so as to promote cultural exchanges and friendships among students.