“We are Family” Parent-child Movie

“We are family, we are framily”

Principal Mr. WAN and his family watched the film “We are Family” and reserved the entire YOHO Mall theatre to invite parents and students to watch this film about filial piety and family.

The parents, teachers and students were all touched by the film. We reflected on the meaning and importance of family.

Sometimes family members have their own roles, dreams, and even difficulties. Despite all the odds, we must cherish each other, be harmonious, and never abandon one another. We do not need to rent a family, for what we have is the best.

We often plan the best and most comprehensive future for our loved ones from our own perspective, but we forget to love and be patient.

Being part of a family is a blessing as we love each other. A family must go through the sweet, sour, bitter and spicy experiences together.

The film reminds us that the most important thing is to love and to learn how to love.

May we all remember: family is our companion, show our love now.