2021/22 Closing Ceremony

Today is the big day for the school is hosting the closing ceremony! Students and teachers obtained outstanding achievements in the previous academic year. At the ceremony, various awards were presented to students with exceptional talents to recognise their efforts this year.

Long-term Service Awards were presented to Mr. NIP Chi-ming and Mr. LAM Kwun-lun to applaud their service in YLLSS over the years. We all genuinely wish them a happy life in the future!

The touching singing performance by Mr. LAM Kwun-lun, Mr. CHAN Lun-pok and Mr. TSANG Wai-kit led the ceremony to the climax. Their bonds were built 20 years ago when Mr. LAM was the class teacher of 1C, and the two were his students. Eventually, Mr. CHAN and Mr. TSANG followed in Mr. LAM’s footsteps and became teachers in YLLSS. Today, they reunited in the hall, singing a song by the Supper Moment and sharing the moments in YLLSS.

With the end of the closing ceremony, the summer vacation is just around the corner. We hope everyone can rest well in the summer and prepare for the new school year!