2022-23 Inauguration Ceremony of Student Leaders

This year’s Inauguration Ceremony of Student Leaders was successfully held on October 5. In the morning assembly, heads of the 2021/22 student leader groups or organisations introduced the keepsakes. They then handed to the 2022/23 student leaders, symbolising the passing of values and beliefs from one generation to the next. In the ceremony, the new student leaders received their certificates and badges from Principal Mr. WAN. The Principal led them to take the oath, signifying the dedication and determination of the student leaders to serve the school.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by all 21/22 Excellent and Outstanding Lutheranians (OL and EL), as well as the heads and vice-heads of each student leader organisation. At the end of the inauguration ceremony, all Outstanding and Excellent Lutheranians held up their crystal trophy with a golden star, highlighting the student leaders’ expectations and affirmation in the “Inauguration Ceremony of Student Leaders”. It is hoped that this year’s student leaders will serve the community with what they have learned and become bright guiding stars for all Lutheranians.