Global classroom in Canada- cultural immersion

38 students from S.1-5 had engaged in a 14-day Canada Study Tour conducted by the Moral and Civic Education Committee, the Liberal Studies, Geography and Information and Communication Technology Departments.  Students are divided into groups to research topics of the history and culture of First Nations in Canada, different landscapes along the Jasper National Park, tertiary education and innovation technology there.


Immersing in the exotic culture, our students visited two provinces in Canada – the British Columbia (B.C.) and Alberta during the two-week journey. Awed by the magnificent natural scenery of the Lake Louise, students were also amused by the Columbia Icefield in the B.C. province. Coming to the next station – Camrose in Alberta, students went to the University of Alberta (the Augustana campus) for an eight-day English Immersion Programme. Students had English classes with teachers in the campus and engaged in different activities led by language buddies there to improve their written as well as spoken English.


As two of the highlights of the tour, students had a chance to perform in the Bethany Senior Home and the Bailey Theatre, where the elderly and citizens in Camrose watched our show. Their response on our performance was very encouraging. Moreover, having participated in the Pow Wow (a social gathering held by different First Nations communities) was worth the visit as students had a thorough conversation with the leader of one of the tribes there and watched their dances from the grand entry.

Last but not least, most students found this tour unforgettable and meaningful. They are grateful for the opportunity to have interactions with their language buddies and teachers in the Augustana campus, to observe the spectacular scenery of the Lake Louise and Columbia Icefield and understanding the culture of the First Nations there, to participate in the Pow Wow and to perform in the Bethany Senior home and the Bailey Theatre.