Global Classroom Overseas Cultural Exchange Program – A taste of Japanese History and Cultural Field Trip and Virtual Real-time Tour

On March 31, some of our Lutheranians had the opportunity to join a tour to Goshikinuma Pond in Japan. It was the very first virtual tour organised by our students for their classmates in Hong Kong.

The virtual tour enabled students in Hong Kong, who were unable to physically visit Goshkinuma Pond, to appreciate its beauty through the eyes of their fellow Lutheranians. Vice-principal Ms. TANG and our students introduced the geographical knowledge that forms the foundation of this spectacular scenic spot. Regardless of where our Lutheranians were located, whether in Hong Kong or Japan, they all shared the same passion and enthusiasm on learning Geography.

During the virtual tour, students from both locations learned about the beauty of God’s creation and the experience of overcoming challenges of organising a real-time virtual tour. Through this experience, we believe that more real-time virtual tours will be successfully held in the future. Even if our students are unable to go on overseas trips, they can still explore the beauty of the world together.

With the advanced technology, we can make the world more accessible. Our school is proud to offer innovative learning opportunities like these to our students in order to broaden their horizons and foster a love of learning that will last a lifetime.