Inauguration Ceremony of the Parent-Teacher Association (2022-24)

The Inauguration Ceremony of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Committee (2022-24) was successfully held on November 11th, 2022. In the following two years, 12 parents of junior students, 6 parents of senior students, the principal, vice-principals, teachers from the Discipline Committee, Counseling Committee and Extra-Curricular Activities Committee will collaborate closely and build a platform for students to soar higher and farther.

In addition to presenting the appointment certificates to the chairperson, vice-chairpersons and members, Principal Mr. WAN presented certificates of appreciation and souvenirs to the members of the previous committee. The principal thanked everyone for their support in a special message on the crystal memorial pedestal.

Finally, the principal recounted a heart-warming anecdote about a silk banner presented by a parent of an alumna. Due to her daughter’s bad health, a mother escorted her to class every morning for the last few years and waited for her at the tuck shop until the end of the school day, regardless of the weather. Her daughter faced a double whammy of declining grades and health as she entered her senior years. The mother and daughter were desperate and even considered dropping out of school. Fortunately, the student resolved to tackle the obstacles fearlessly with the encouragement and assistance of the school. This student successfully weathered the storm and finished the HKDSE examination. She is now gratefully pursuing a bachelor’s degree at a local university. Principal Mr.WAN encouraged all committee members of the PTA to have great love and wisdom when raising their children. Only through strong cooperation among parents and school can talents be cultivated.

The Parent-Teacher Association (2022-2024)

15th Standing Committee

Mr. WAN Ho-yin, Principal

Mr. CHAN Sheung-fuk

Ms. CHEUNG Yim-kit
Ms. YE Pei-shan
Ms. TANG Chi-lai, Vice Principal

Ms. CHEUNG Chun-yu
Mr. CHAN Kim-hung

General Affairs Officer
Ms. CHAN Hau-hung (Group Leader)
Ms. WANG Yi-ping
Ms. CHAN Suet-ying
Mr. THUNG Ming, Vice Principal

Liaison Officer
Ms. WONG Fung-yi (Group Leader)
Ms. HUANG Wan-zhu
Ms. CHEUNG Sui-yan
Ms. LEUNG Man-yee
Ms. KWOK Hoi-wai
Ms. FANG Yue-hua
Ms. CHEN Chin-feng Molly
Recreation Officer
Mr. CHAN Lun-pok (Group Leader)
Ms. TANG Lai-yan
Ms. TANG Pui-yee
Ms. YAO Yuan
Ms. YEUNG Wai-in
Ms. LEUNG Sze-ki
Ms. LIN On-yi
Ms. LAM Lai-yin
Ms. LAI Yuet-yan