National Education Head Prefect 3A Ku Ting Yan interviewed by the Xinhua News Agency

Our National Education Head Prefect 3A Ku Ting Yan had the honour to be interviewed by the Xinhua News Agency and shared his experiences as a flag bearer of the the school’s Flag Raising Team. Whether participating in the Hong Kong Flag Raising Team Association’s junior instructor training programme or serving as a flag bearer at internal and external flag-raising ceremonies, Ting Yan has demonstrated her dedication and commitment as a leader to the community and our nation.

Our commitment to fostering patriotism among students and enhancing young people’s understanding of our country is a response to the community’s expectations of education in Hong Kong. We have established professional flag raising team and joined Association of Hong Kong Flag-guards, along with the National Security Education Working Group since October 2020. Through regular flag-raising ceremonies and training, video exchanges with sister schools in mainland China, and participation in competitions organised by the Education Bureau, students can learn more about the country and enhance their national identity from their school life through “knowledge, feelings, thoughts and actions”. The support and cooperation of parents and home-school cooperation is a vital contribution to the promotion of national education!

Nurture the heart for Hong Kong, patriotism and outlook of the world for a brighter future.