JA Company Program

With the support of the school, 24 students from S.4 to S.5 BAFS have participated in a seven-month entrepreneurial competition organized by JA Hong Kong. They successfully developed “Coinage”, aiming to promote the culture of Hong Kong and raise the awareness of personal financial management.

Students worked together in forming the company, designing the products, making plans for promotion, setting up stalls as well as preparing financial documents by themselves. During the process, they consulted Ms. CHEUNG Hiu-yan and the Business Advisor Ms. Jessica YUNG, representative from Hang Seng Bank, in designing a better plan for the company. Even if they encountered difficulties, they worked as a team to solve those problems.

Apart from selling on campus, students have set up an online platform and set up a Pop-up stall at K11 Art Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui on 12th March. Principal Mr. WAN, Vice-principal Ms. TANG, Mr. LUI Kwan-ho, Ms. FONG Shun-hei, Ms. YUM Yuen-ying and Mr. TSANG Kwong-ho came to support the team. Moreover, with the support from alumni, parents, teachers and students, having 624 votes, making it the Top 3 most popular stalls of the day. By using their marketing strategies, all products are sold out.

Through this valuable experience, students learnt skills like goal-setting, creative problem-solving, teamwork, effective communication and digital marketing.