Kick-off Ceremony of “Support for EM” Buddy Programme

To facilitate the integration of ethnic minorities into the local communities, the “Support for EM” Buddy Program was launched by our school and Pat Heung Central Primary School. Through the programme, it is hoped that our Lutheranians can learn to be empathetic, while the ethnic minorities can find it easier to adapt to the school life in Hong Kong.
Aspirations of the programme were written on paper planes, which were then launched by the principals of both schools, our vice-principal, teachers, alumni and guests in the kick-off ceremony, in order to send the best wishes to the fantastic venture we are about to embark on through the programme.
A plague with five Chinese characters,“仁” (Benevolence),“義” (Righteousness),“禮” (Courtesy),“智” (Wisdom) and“信” (Trustworthiness), written by our principal, Mr. Wan, was sent to Pat Heung Central Primary School as a gift. Students were enthusiastically engaged when our principal, Mr. Wan, passionately shared the meanings of the five Chinese characters with them. Meanwhile, the principal of Pat Heung Central Primary School, Ms. Lai, gave us a Khata and a wood plague made of a tree planted in their school in return. The five traditional Chinese virtues were engraved on the plague in different languages, reminding our students to be a moral person.
The event provided a valuable opportunity for our students to have a genuine contact and communication with each other. Through the experience, students developed mutual respect and a harmonious relationship among themselves and with others, which closely aligns with the objective of life education.