Opening Ceremony 2018-2019

The welcoming speech of our principal Mr. Wan Ho Yin Hairo, marked a fresh start of the new academic year. Embracing the virtues of “Excellence with Love” and “Justice with Care”, our Principal addressed the school vow with quality education. He reminded students to strive for their dreams and to try their best to make their dreams come true. Besides, our alumni achieving distinguished DSE results, Chan Ying Tung, had been invited to share her key to success and positive attitude towards studies.
Also, in order to recognize the very remarkable academic performance of these two alumni, four outstanding students, Chan Sze Pui Christy (6A), Ho Man Fung (6A), Fan Hin Hei (6C) & Lam Wai Shan (6E), were invited to put the plate of the 2016-2017 DSE Academic High Flyer onto the Hall of Fame of our school hall in the opening ceremony.