S2 Social Service Year Kick-off Ceremony

This morning, we were honored to have Mr. CHAN Hiu-fai, Service Director (Youth Service) of Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service-Hong Kong, Ms. CHAN Fung-ying, Centre-in-charge of ELCHK Tin Shui Wai Integrated Youth Service Centre, Ms. CHOI Shun-yee, with our Principal Mr. WAN, Vice-principals and Assistant Principals and our S.2 students to kick off for S.2 Social Service Year, the collaboration across association, community and school.

During the ceremony, 2C KWOK Shu-yan Sheryl, Social Service Leader and 2D TSE Tsz-yau Chloe, the Junior Form Social Service Team Leader, briefly introduced the objectives of this programme. Then, Principal Mr. WAN pointed out that the “Happiness is to serve the others with what we learnt and love” in his speech. S.2 students would serve in three aspects, namely, Home Service, School Service and Community Service. Mr. CHAN Hiu-fai also encouraged our students to connect with the community through Service Leader training and Social Service Skills training. Students learnt that social service is not only reaching out for the people in need, but also exemplifying empathy and gratefulness of the 6 virtues of Lutherans.

Next, 2C CHAN Bernice, the representative of the S.2 Social Service Leaders, received the S.2 Social Service Leaders badges from the school. Last but not least, Mr. CHAN Hiu-fai, Principal Mr. WAN and S.2 Social Service Leaders, 2A POON Hi-wing, 2B LEUNG Ka-ho, 2B LIU Hey-lok and 2D KWOK Yi-tung on the stage switched on the lights on their hands together with the S.2 students under the stage.

“3…2…1…, S.2 Social Service Year officially begins now!”