Student Union Election Day & the Announcement of the Result

The voting of 2020/21 Student Union Election via eClass closed at 10 p.m. on 29/9.  Over this election, 593 votes (61% of all students) were cast. Proposed cabinet No.1 OHANA got 234 votes (39%) and proposed cabinet No. 2 UNIQUE got 359 votes (61%). In other words, proposed cabinet No. 2 UNIQUE was elected to be the 2021-2021 Student Union of YLLSS.
Congratulations to UNIQUE. Thank you to all students who took their time to cast votes, and to all cabinet members for showing their enthusiasm, creativity and great effort in coordinating their campaigns under extremely challenging circumstances. Both cabinets demonstrated great determination to lead and to serve. The atmosphere of the result announcement and the debriefing workshop was positive and encouraging.