“Support for EM” Buddy Program

On 8th May 2021, the members of “Support for EM” Buddy Program visited Pak Heung Central Primary School and interacted with the ethnic minority buddies again. Through presentations, group teaching and games, the primary school students got to know more about secondary school life and local food culture.Trying to see the needs from the recipients’ perspective and cater to them, Lutheranians’ empathy has been nurtured. Before the visit, our students were aware that the ethnic minority buddies are curious about the school life in local secondary schools, thus prepared a presentation about our House System and Global Classroom. Our buddies were attentive and expressed that they looked forward to visiting our school campus next month.The theme of the day was Local Food Culture. Utilizing the learning materials and games they had prepared, Lutheranians taught their buddies to order the items in Cantonese. Everyone enjoyed the activities.