Thanksgiving Day

“Gratitude and Happiness” is like “light bulb and electric wire”, gratitude is the electric wire that connects the light bulb and makes it shine.

“Always be thankful” is the theme of this year. During the Thanksgiving Day assembly, Principal Mr. WAN compared the relationship between happiness and gratitude to a light bulb and the connecting wires – it is by being aware of the people and things around us and being grateful that we can light up the light bulb and make life shine. God did not promise the sky to be blue all the time, but he has arranged the best for us. Teachers, staff, workers, parents, and students work together to make breakthroughs in order to light up the whole YLLSS and to ignite each other’s lives. Every member of the school deserves to be treasured and cherished.

Parents and the school have always been partners like chopsticks,” said parent representative 1D CHAU Tsz-yu Jadie’s mother, “I am grateful to the principal and teachers for letting us know that as long as we work together, opportunities will be reserved for those who are prepared, and that there are so many possibilities in the world that can explode into a huge universe!” Chairman of Parent-Teacher Association Mr. CHAN Sheung-fuk led the committee members and presented the handmake Growing-Tree art to the school. The Principal, Vice-Principals and Assistant Principals were at the growth tree, with the parents’ thoughts on the tree and the irrigation tools underneath. On behalf of the teachers, Principal Mr. WAN also presented the PTA members with a dried flower bookmark frame made by the students.

Students from classes 1D, 2C, 3C, 4B and 5E expressed their gratitude to all the teachers, staff and workers who have supported them during their growth process. On behalf of all the students, CHAN Hau-yi an Outstanding Lutheranian, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her parents for their kindness in raising her. In fact, the deep gratitude of parents has long been engraved in the youth’s growth. Different ways of expressing the gratitude Lutheranians are the same.

“”Always be thankful” can be reinterpreted as “Resilience”. After the epidemic, the experiential learning activities of the two universities have returned to reality. After half a year of preparation until the day of the campus tour, more than 400 students participated in the activities, and all of us worked together to present the best Lutheran to the community.” – Ms. WAI Mo-kam Candy, Assistant Principal

“Our daily life and every little fortune in life are depends on the Lord’s guidance.” – Ms. CHAN Hau-hung

“Nothing is for granted so be grateful to everything we have. Count your blessings and cherish everything around you, connect with those around you, the Lord’s grace is enough for us.” – Ms. LAM Lai-yin

“We are always thankful, that is, we always have a thankful heart, and every time we look at the photos and words of the school IG, we feel the bonding and love between people.” – Mr. LUI Kwan-ho

After the Thanksgiving Day assembly, students from each class returned to their classrooms and, under the leadership of Ms. LIN On-yi and the head of Guidance Prefect POON Yuk-yi, each made a dried flower bookmark, symbolizing the beautiful and everlasting love and grace, as a perfect gift for their parents at home.

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

May we always be thankful to one another.
Let gratitude become a habit.