The 51st Speech Day

Congratulations to our S.6 graduates! It was our honour to have Dr. Gordan TSUI, JP, and the chairman of Quality Education Fund Steering Committee, as our Guest-of-Honour to officiate at the 51st Speech Day. Primary school principals, vice-principals and teachers were also invited to witness the graduation of their alumni to show appreciation and shared the joy together. With more than 200 guests, including primary school principals, Alumni Association, Parent-Teacher Association and parents, the graduation ceremony was embraced by abundant blessings. Let’s give our heartfelt wishes to our S.6 graduates for their future endeavours!

After the ceremony, the graduates took photos with their primary school principals, our school principals and teachers, expressing their gratitude for the cultivation. Embodying the spirit of “Gratefulness and Brilliance” – the theme of our Diamond Jubilee, graduates will certainly shine in society.

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