Winter Warmth @ Kong Ha Wai

Just before the Year of the Rabbit arrived, Lutheranians spread love in the community. They spent the first day of their Lunar New Year holiday sending blessings in Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village, a transitional housing in the district.

Despite the extremely cold weather, Lutheranians sent warmth without hesitation. Members of the Social Services Group enthusiastically arrived at Kong Ha Wai Village to greet the residents, and also presented Fai Chuns written by Principal Mr. WAN. During the process, Lutheranians showed empathy, trying to make the residents feel loved. Meanwhile, they experienced the sheer bliss of having the ability to give.

Lutheranians served the community and fostered bonds with the residents in the village. Value education emphasizes knowing and acting, from cognition to implementation. Students who experienced this wonderful journey of serving the needy are benefited throughout their lives.

Excellence with love – that’s what Social Service is about.