YLLSS Information Day 2021/22

The YLLSS Information Day resumed to be held on campus and received an overwhelming response with over 2,600 attendees. Limited seats were provided in the hall and classrooms to cope with the government’s epidemic prevention measures so an additional session was held on Saturday (11/12) as a prelude to the YLLSS Information Day.

S1 Admission Talk:
Principal Mr WAN Ho-yin shared the theme “Soaring with Talents and Virtues”. Our vision is cultivating talents for the new century, with a combination of talents and diverse interests, the heart for Hong Kong, patriotism and outlook of the world. Another practice of our school is “Happydemic”, a combination of happiness and academics, where, in a happy-learning environment, students can relax smartly, strengthen the connection among peers and teachers, and enhance their well-being. The highlight of the talk is when a robot, set up by the AI Club, presented coffee to Principal Wan during the introduction of Science Extension. Families then well utilised the question-and-answer session to put forward their enquiries to Principal Mr. WAN, the three Vice Principals, and the Assistant Principal.

Live Interactive Session:
Parents in the district participated in different theme-based activities held by the teachers and students of our school – learning foreign languages through games; mastering mathematics and science through tasks; learning theories through small handicrafts; enjoying geography with Geography Channel as the platform for students’ discussion, etc. Participants were delightfully engaged in online conversations with the principal, vice-principal, administrators, music leaders, PTA members and students.