YLLSS Information Day 2022/23: Campus Tour

After 3 years of absence, participants could finally join our annual Campus Tour in person! The cold weather did not stop the support of parents and students from elementary schools in the area, and the registration for all tours were full as early as the end of November. This year’s campus tours focused on STEM campuses and internationalized aided school. Eeveryone who came to YLLSS could experience the application of STEM in various subjects on different floors, ranging from real-time Japanese guided tours in History, AR tours of the herb trail, Chinese culture and visual arts works, to physical education sports, and of course, the robots Temi and Marty. All of which allowed everyone to experience how technology is integrated into the inherent academics! The 4th floor auditorium is themed as Global Classroom, where the English Environment Committee, the International Cultural Exchange Committee, SALep’s French and Japanese, Korean and German cultural interest groups allow everyone to experience different cultures in a small space and showcase students’ foreign language skills at the same time!

The participation Lutheranians in today’s event was truly appreciated by the parents. The Music Stage of the auditorium was lightened up by the outstanding performance of Handbell, Sinfonietta and Percussion Ensemble, where as the Vocal Band of 1/F Music Balcony enthralled everyone with wonderful music all morning. Other activity booths included “Learning in Literature, Traveling in Art” in Chinese, “Tote Your Art!” in Visual Arts, “Small Small World” in Geography, “Be a Smart Financial Planner!” in B.A.F.S., “MathemaTIC TAC TOE “in Mathematics, “Newtonian Workshop” in Physics, “Strawberry Secret” in Biology, “Slime Science” in Chemistry, and last but not least “Animal in Wonderland” in Animal Caring Club. It was a great time for parents and students to enjoy themselves, and it was also a great opportunity for them to bond with each other!