YLLSS Information Day 2023/24 Introduction to Secondary One

The annual ‘Nurture by Happydemic’ Secondary One Admission Seminar and Campus Tour were held, and the response was overwhelming, with a record-breaking registration of over 3,800 participants! As usual, in addition to the live seminar in the auditorium, the school also provided live streaming of the seminar in 33 classrooms on campus, with every seat filled!

During the seminar, Principal Mr. WAN shared the theme ‘Nurture by Happydemic’, which focused on the concept of ‘future’. While the future is yet to come, YLLSS has already anticipated it based on our past years’ experiences and is actively working towards building a better future for our YLLSS community. Education is forward-looking, aiming to nurture talents that can thrive in the future society.
In the first part, under the theme of ‘Happy Learning’, Principal Mr. WAN mentioned the concept of ‘future talents – T-shaped talents’, emphasizing the importance of not only having expertise in a specific field but also having a broad understanding of various disciplines. While academic development is important for students to have a better future, it is essential for students to have effective learning strategies rather than just memorizing textbooks. The school also emphasizes the importance of providing space for students’ personal growth. With the motto of ‘Playing Hard and Working Hard’, YLLSS offers diverse activities for students to participate in, creating an environment where students can grow happily. The school’s consideration for student life revolves around SPIRE (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational, and Emotional) dimensions, which includes the implementation of rest days and the design of student growth reports to enhance students’ happiness.

In the second part, under the theme of ‘Technology’, Principal Mr. WAN reminded us to harness technology and introduced the application of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) in the campus environment. Examples included AI-generated videos, the integration of ChatGPT in the Science Extension course for Form 3 students, the emphasis on students’ technological achievements at the STEM Expo, the application of Moodie AI, and the use of audio books to cultivate students’ habit of continuous learning and prevent them from becoming ‘the new generation of illiterates’ stuck at the lower levels of the pyramid.

In the third part, under the theme of ‘Internationalization’, Principal Mr. WAN introduced the SALep (Self-directed and Authentic Learning Programme) courses for Junior Form students. Besides inviting (2D) CHUNG King-hei to participate in a Food Science experiment, primary school students were also invited to join. Their reactions brought laughter to the audience, and the power of mysterious fruits amazed everyone. The school has always emphasized creating an English-speaking environment, offering online one-on-one English lessons with foreign teachers, and inviting tutors from different nationalities to teach Japanese, Korean, and German languages on campus, enriching the language context. With the integration of technology into education, entering the era of Education 3.0, the Global Project serves as a demonstration. With the assistance of real-time translation software, students from different regions can participate in theme discussions without language barriers.

The success of the entire seminar depended on the efforts of various parties. This year, a closing session was added, and Principal Mr. WAN expressed gratitude to the students and staff who participated, creating a climax in the auditorium! Vice Principal Mr. TAM then explained the details of the Secondary One interviews to the parents. The Q&A session at the end received enthusiastic responses, with Principal Mr. WAN, Vice Principals, and Assistant Principals answering questions from parents in the auditorium and classrooms, providing parents with a deeper understanding of YLLSS’s educational philosophy and future development.