Yuen Long District Primary Student Paragon Election 2020/21

The 1st Yuen Long District Primary Student Paragon Election was successfully held on 20th February 2021. We are honored to have invited Mr. Woo Ying Ming, CSDSM, the commissioner of the Correctional Services to be our officiating guest. We have also invited our adjudicators , Ms. CHAN Man-ki Maggie, HKSAR Deputy to National People’s Congress, MH, JP, Professor CHEUNG Hok-ming, Frederick Senior College Tutor of New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. CHEUNG Wing-tak, Past President of Rotary Club of Hong Kong Sunrise, Ms. LAM Pik-chu, Honorary Chairperson of Yuen Long Primary School Heads Association, Ms. LAM King-mei Helen, Head of Professional Association of Master of Education, The Education University of Hong Kong, to come to the award presentation ceremony to send their blessings to the student paragons. The student paragons are awarded with certificates and trophies. With all the guests, including parents and the principals from the primary schools, the ceremony was embraced by blessings from all sides.