2023-2024 Global Program 3.0- Global Project

The second meeting of the 2023-2024 Global Program 3.0— Global Project was held on 23rd February, with the theme being ‘Local Food Culture’. As food is considered a part of culture and tradition, through having in-depth sharing and exchanges with students from different sister schools from Japan, Mainland China, and Hong Kong, including Fukui Prefectural Usui Senior High School (Japan), J. F. Oberlin Junior and Senior High School (Japan), Pinghu Donghu Middle School (Mainland), and Lingnan Secondary School (Hong Kong), students can deepen their understanding and connections with each other.

During the exchange, our students introduced Hong Kong’s ”Cha Chaan Teng” (Hong Kong style cafe), history and spirit behind it to students from sister schools, and even demonstrated how to make some of its famous dishes, such as buttered pineapple bun and Hong Kong-styled French toast. Students from Fukui Prefectural Usui Senior High School and J. F. Oberlin Junior and Senior High School introduced Sukiyaki and demonstrated making Okonomiyaki respectively. As students shared their traditional dishes, they shared a part of their heritage, stories and history. Through the event, they have gained a glimpse into the custom and traditions of other cultures, as well as developed a deeper sense of appreciation for others.